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Radar Automatic Disabled Toilet Entry System

Radar Door Entry System - See for more details

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Product Description

Automatic door openers provide safe and easy access for all ambulant and
wheelchair traffic. The system operates at the turn of an RADAR key in a wall
mounted control panel.
Wheelchair accessible toilets are normally designed with an outward opening door.
To open the door a wheelchair user has to pull the door towards them whilst at the same time
propelling themselves backwards.
This automatic disabled toilet entry system does not require the user to pull or even touch the door
to open it.
This obviously means that it provides very easy access along with eliminating the risk of cross
infection as the user will be using their own personal RADAR key.
The door will unlock and open automatically, once inside, the door will close and at a single touch
to the internal ‘’touch to lock/open’’ sensor, automatically lock and disconnect the external
control panel. This action illuminates red lights on both the external and internal panels
indicating that the toilet is occupied.
To exit the toilet, simply operate the ‘’touch to lock/open’’ sensor, the door will unlock and open
automatically at the same time reactivating the external control panel and changing the lights to
blue indicating that the toilet is vacant.
The sensors will function without actual touch, work through gloves and are washable, to ensure
hygienic door locking. The automatic opener is fitted with software that incorporates safety
sensitivity reversing the door should it encounter an obstacle and ensuring user safety.
For emergency access, manned locations have a break glass unit and for unmanned locations a
‘’fireman’s drop switch’’ is provided. The RADAR automatic disabled toilet entry
system can be installed on single leaf hinged and sliding doors up to 1200mm wide and 250kg in
weight. All electrical work to current standard including testing and certification registered with
building control as required by BS6761.
This system includes installation using our in-house Engineers.
Quotations for this work are subject to site survey.

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