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Shower Free Space

Shower Free Space

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Product Description

The concept was simple, to create a beautiful shower capable of being used by the
whole family, both young and old; those who can shower themselves and those who require
assistance. The result has been a shower that is both elegant and practical, that provides a
pragmatic showering solution which can be pushed back when not in use, to enlarge the whole
The FreeSpace shower range a unique, stylish design that enables
everyone to benefit and enjoy the opportunity of a level access, wetroom shower experience.
Useful, functional and beautiful: These are the defining features of products that strive for a safer,
more comfortable and stylish environment. Combining freedom of movement and attention to
detail, the unique elements of FreeSpace contribute to making your bathroom perfectly
accessible to everyone, whilst satisfying the need for comfort & relaxation.
Aesthetics and function; the criteria used to define the FreeSpace shower enclosures. The aim
to broaden people’s horizons, by offering products which not only ensure ease of use,
ergonomic parameters and functionality but is a leap forward in the search for evermore
functional solutions.
The FreeSpace concept is truly without limits in its ability to transform the most intimate living
space into a space that lives around you.


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