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Hand Towel Dispenser In Graphite -brings a whole new sophisticated look
900ml Liquid Soap Dispenser In Graphite - Creating a smarter look to your washroom
The Microcube - Ideal for refreshing a new bathroom or public washroom
Jumbo Dispenser - Ideal for public washrooms
Red flashing neon lamp in the handset. Upgrade from a door bell to an intercom using the same 2 wires....
Disabled Alarms - For a commercial and public place you will need a a disabled alarm see our selection under disabled alarms
Colostomy Shelf - Robust Shelf For Toilet, Showering and Changing Areas
Small Colostomy Shelf - Use in commercial bathroom facilities or disabled bathrooms
Large Colostomy Shelf - Suitable for commercial public facilities and diasabled bathrooms
Plastic Modular Jumbo Dispensers - Perfect for commercial bathrooms, public facilities and mobility bathrooms.
Modular Plastic Towel Dispenser - Ideal for public bathroom facilities and businesses
Plastic Soap Dispenser - Perfect for public commercial toilet facilities
Toilet Roll Dispensers - Ideal for commercial public facilities, mobility bathrooms, businesses and other bathroom settings.
Stainless Steel Hand Towel Dispenser - Ideal for Commercial and Public Bathroom Toilets
Steel Soap Dispener Ideal Accessory For Doc M Packs and Commercial Bathrooms
Soap Refillable Bottle Holder - Comes In Single Version Or Twin
Brushed Stainless Steel 250ml Twin Bottle holder ideal for public bathroom facilities.
automatic hand dryer ideal for public bathroom facilities.
Standard Centre Feed Roll Dispener- Comes in small and large options
Waste bin ideal for public bathroom facilities
Waste bin ideal for public bathroom facilities.
New Soap Dispenser Ideal For Paper Towel Towel Dispenser
Durable Toilet Seat Ring - Doc M Compliant
Toilet Seat - Ideal for public toilet facilities and doc m packs
Toilet Seat with lid - Ideal for public toilet facilities and doc m packs.
White Toilet Seat - Ideal for disabled and mobility bathroom settings
Bathroom Cabinet Lockable - Ideal for washroom facilities.
Backrest Rail And Pad Doc M Compliant
Backrest Cushion - Designed for replacement Backrests within the doc m
Backrest Cushion - Designed for replacement Backrests
Aluminium Backrest Rail and Pad with Conealed Fittings
Spatualte Levers are designed to be used by elbows and fists. Easy access to flushing the toilet
Flexible Plumbing Kit to use with washbasins and sinks in situations where frequent height re- adjustment is required
Hand Rail Bracket.
Anti-bacterial duraplast toilet roll holder with cover