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Balena 8000 AP Care Shower Toilet

Balena Shower Toilet - Hygienic Shower Toilet.

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Product Description

WRAS Approved

The Balena Shower Toilet -

The Balena Shower Toilet is designed to for personal hygiene which we all take for granted . When we take a shower or a bath, or just wash our hands, water leaves us with an incomparable feeling of freshness and skin-deep cleanliness. The Balena shower toilet offers a fantastic feel good feeling after after each visit to the toilet simply and comfortably with a spray of water adjusted just to your liking. The Balena 8000 has additional features such as gentle, non-contact warm air-drying and the extra comfort of a pulsating and oscillating spray.
The Balena shower toilet has been specially designed to meet UK water regulations.


Protection Class IP X 4

Nominal Voltage 230 V AC /50 Hz, Unswitched Fused spur. Fused at 5A. Isolation switch to be installed outside zone 3.

Length of Main- Lead 500mm
Power Input - 1000 W
Power Range - 1- 10 bar (mains connection)
Dryer Temperature- 20- 45° C adjustable
Water Temperature - max 39° C adjustable
Waterflow - Adjustable from 1.4 to 5.5 litres/min
Water Heater Capacity- 1.8 Litres
Air volume through
Active Carbon Filter- 10m
Weight 45kg
Dual Flush Cistern6/31

Remote Controls The remote control is included with this product and allows individual settings to suit each user's needs. The infrared remote offers hands free operation for less able users.

Height Adjustment For ease of standing up and side transfer from wheelchair the Balena 8000 AP Care can be installed to a seat height up to 525mm.


Height - 960mm
Width - 420mm
Depth- 735mm


The shower toilet may only be installed and connected to the power supply system as
described in the installation instructions provided with the product. The necessary work
must be performed by an authorised specialist.
Installation of the shower toilet is not permitted in rooms where there is the risk of frost
(minimum room temperature 4 - 6 °C).
Use an earthed 220/230 V, 50 Hz fused spur.
It is not permitted to modify or manipulate the shower toilet, to install any additional
modules nor to attempt any internal or external repairs. The shower toilet may only be
repaired by trained and authorised experts. Incorrect repairs can result in accidents,
damage and malfunctions.
Modifications to the mains connection cable may only be made by an expert.

Maintenance / care
Do not use aggressive aids or agents to clean the shower toilet such as hard brushes,
scraping sponges or powder WC cleaners (refer to the care and maintenance section).
Do not spray the shower toilet with hair spray, perfume, etc.
Remote control
The remote control is supplied with a separate wall-mounted holder. Please always
keep it in the holder or in the slide-in compartment of the shower toilet. The remote
control is not watertight.
Do not place the remote control on radiators or other sources of heat.

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Product Information
The Balena Toilet otherwise known as the shower toilet is ideal for the home setting. A hygenic toilet that not only aims at cleaning and aiding your needs, but aims to give a relaxing experience.

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