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Children's Soap Dispenser

NEW- Childrens Washroom Soap Dispenser Ideal For Nurseries, Schools, Playgroups and encouraging personal hygiene

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Product Description

NEW- Children's Soap Dispenser - Ideal for children's nurseries, schools, playgroups and environments where they have toilet facilities. Colourful, fun and designed to encourage children to wash their hands after they have used the toilet.
Modular 400ml
Liquid Soap (1ml Pump) Dispenser

Product Features:

  • Vibrant child friendly range of dispensers
  • Colourful work instruc..ons to encourage the importance of everyday hygiene
  • High quality digital print for clarity and longevity
  • Traffic light window system for each area within the washroom
  • Op..onal brand logo to include supplied by or soap type
  • Soap Dispensers supplied with 1ml pump restrictor to reduce waste
  • Cover & Backplate: Transparent PET & ABS
  • Modular 400ml
  • Liquid Soap (1ml Pump) Dispenser
  • Manufactured in the UK

  • Product Dimensions: Height: 190mm Width: 90mm Depth: 98mm Capacity: 400ml

    The vibrant and colourful children’s Dino Range features digitally printed dinosaurs to promote
    washroom hygiene for children.