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Design criteria for wheelchair accessible WC

[Dimensions in brackets] are specified in Part M Building Regulations 1991 (1999 Edition). [..] indicates that a reference is made in Part M Building Regulations.

References are to WC compartment unless otherwise stated.

Fixtures and fittings should be positioned so they can be used by a person seated in a wheelchair.

Height and similar dimensions are from finished floor level/wall surfaces and apply to a non-automated compartment.

  • Door - 925mm minimum clear opening width [1000mm single leaf doorset]
  • Sign on door and wheelchair symbol
  • Handle on outside of door 1040mm above floor level
  • Spring closer on door, but not too strong, e.g. hydraulic delayed action type exerting no more than 10 Newton
  • Lock on inside of door, large and easy to operate, 1040mm above floor [..]
  • Pull rail [35mm diameter] on inside of door 600mm long, fixed at 30° to horizontal sloping down to doors leading edge [..]
  • Light cord/switch, within reach 1040mm above floor level
  • Wheelchair turning room/floorspace, minimum floor area 1800mm x 2000mm [minimum floor area 1500mm x 2000mm]
  • Area should not be used for storage, should be free from obstructions
  • Floor surface level, smooth and skid-resistant
  • WC height [450mm to 475mm to top of seat]
  • WC distance from side wall [centre-line 500mm from side wall]
  • WC distance from back wall [front 750mm from back wall]
  • Seat of WC should be correctly fitted. Avoid open-fronted (horseshoe) type
  • Flush handle for WC should be on transfer side within reach, no higher than 1000mm
  • Twin hinged support rail [35mm dia.] next to WC [150mm from side of WC]
  • Hinged support rail - [height 750mm to top rail]
  • Horizontal support rail [35mm diameter, 600mm long] at side of WC [350mm from back wall]
  • Horizontal support rail - [height 700mm to top of rail]
  • Toilet paper holder with toilet paper, within reach to side of WC [..]
  • Wash basin on side wall, within reach, preferably with no pedestal protruding from wall [250mm from WC, 750mm height to top]
  • Tap(s) with running water, within reach on side nearer to WC, levertype easy to operate (not pressure taps) [..]
  • Soap (or single-handed easy to operate soap-dispenser) within reach from WC [..]
  • Hand-drier or towel, within reach from WC [..]
  • Vertical support rail [35mm diameter, 600mm long] on back wall [300mm from side of WC, height 800mm from bottom of rail]
  • Vertical support rail [35mm diameter, 600mm long] on side wall [950mm from back wall, height 800mm from bottom of rail]
  • Mirror above wash basin or on opposite side wall 500mm x 900mm [400mm wide x 900mm], fixed 1040mm above floor top wedged by 100mm downside [fixed 900mm above floor]
  • Sanitary waste disposal bin
  • Coat hook, within reach, 1450mm-1500mm high
  • Shelves for bags etc. within reach
  • Emergency alarm cord, red/colour distinguished, within reach from floor, large pull handle
  • Colour contrast of main features to assist people with impaired vision
  • Emergency alarm/light in suitable position(s) outside compartment
  • Corridors/approach to compartment level, suitable width to allow wheelchair manoeuvring, including door openings, and free from obstruction
  • Adequate lighting and signing to approach


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